The Wine Games: wine tasting meets pub quiz

The flavours of wine tasting and the excitement of a pub quiz come together in a surprisingly fun game app. See the video below:

The Wine Games is looking for collaborators

The Wine Games is an exciting, interactive game that lets both connoisseurs and amateurs blind-taste wines, test and improve their wine knowledge. Players can participate on location, or remotely by ordering a Tasting Box and following a live stream in the app. The Wine Games is now available for clients to organise private Wine Games to their own audiences.

We’d love to work together, and support your marketing effort. No matter whether you’re an online retailer, wine subscription club, wine magazine or specialised wholesale company, we can tailor The Wine Games to your objectives.

Our livestream and app technology is available to rent, using The Wine Games brand, or your own. You can also showcase your own products in our Tasting Box, to reach new customers.

Organise your own version of The Wine Games

The Wine Games is designed for wine producers, retailers, educators, festival organisers — any organisations in the wine and hospitality sectors — to showcase their product and service offerings, and reach new and exciting customer segments. The Games can take place in any location, be it on your premises or totally remote using live streaming technology. Use The Wine Games branding, or brand the Games entirely as your own.

Become a The Wine Games Business Partner

The Wine Games has launched a diverse calendar of tasting events that we organise direct to consumers and wine fans, in Europe and partners around the world. Get in touch with us to have your products included in the Tasting Boxes we send to participants. Are you in media, events, logistics, distribution, a presenter or influencer? We want your talents, too.

Launch The Wine Games to your own audience

Use The Wine Games format to promote your product and service offerings, and engage new and exciting customer segments. The Wine Games can take place in any location, be it on your premises or totally remote using live streaming technology. We provide all technology including the app, content management system and live streaming platform. You will have control of consumer marketing, editorial, video production and providing wines and tasting.

There are three ways to organise your own version of The Wine Games

The Wine Games Rental Model 1
Make your next live tasting event interactive by adding a wine quiz that is played through the app.

Quiz app only (e.g. to add value to a live tasting event, on location)
The Wine Games branding
Leverage the existing The Wine Games branding and quiz app

The Wine Games Rental Model 2
Include remote participants with our app and live video streaming platform.

Live video streaming and quiz app (e.g. to facilitate online tastings)
The Wine Games branding
Leverage the existing Wine Games branding and app


What’s in it for you?

  • Customer acquisition. Attract new customers with a new, engaging proposition
  • New markets. Create new product-market combinations and enter new markets
  • Merge online and offline. Drive both sides of your business
  • Increase average revenues per user
  • Enhance branding. Strengthen your brand with a differentiating and innovative service
  • Make tasting scalable. Tastings made available for thousands of wine fans, simultaneously
  • More engaged customers. Not just a ‘like’, but real engagement
  • Data-centric approach. Valuable tool to further implement your data strategy

Partner with The Wine Games team

The Wine Games organises a calendar of tasting events direct to consumers in the Netherlands, and abroad. You can find a calendar of events on our consumer website, here [Link to consumer site].

As our operations grow, we’re looking for Business Partners, not only as a network of suppliers to bring The Wine Games events to life, but also to support you to deliver new offerings to your customers. Get in touch with us if you’d like to be part of our network of partners, for example in the following fields:

  • Wine suppliers
  • Event locations and organisers
  • Presenters
  • Media and marketing partners
  • Content creators
  • Logistics and distribution partners

Let's talk

Let's talk

Do you want to schedule a demo, or find out more about The Wine Games? Or perhaps you’d like to become a Business Partner? Contact us on and we’ll be in touch soon.

In the meantime you can download our pitch deck right here. You can forward this pitch deck by using

Want to experience a public demo session?

Welcome to The Wine Games, the world's first live online tasting app!

Please note that we organise public demo sessions of The Wine Games so you can get a feel from a participant's perspective of how it is to experience to watch a live stream and play a tasting quiz simultaneously.

The first upcoming demo sessions are:

Tue June 30 at 9.00h CET (English)

Thu June 4 at 17.00h CET (English)

Please click a demo session above of your choice, or contact directly when you would like to join a demo session.